About Anthonli

I’m an Accountant by training and profession. But outside, I feed my spare time with various passions and hobbies.

My Photoblog
I’m an avid traveller, embarking on hopefully my world tour (by installments). And as an auxiliary, I’ve picked up photography as a hobby. Although it is driven mainly by my travels, I go on phototrips as a form of practice for the real thing. My main interests in photography are animals, macro and candids.

Old and Ancient Music – Gregorian Chant and Teochew GwaGang
Despite my efforts, I’m a mediocre musician at best. Still it doesn’t stop me from declaring that music is one of my passion. 2 forms of music that I hold special interest are Gregorian Chant and Teochew GwaGang music, both of which are posted on this blog.

Anthonli Excel Notes
I’m also a geek and a spreadsheet junkie, and I would rate myself “above average” in terms of Excel mastery. For my friends, I keep a log of useful hints and tips I come across in this blog.

Nano-Aquascape (no blog)
I’ve been keeping fish since young, but in the past few years, I’ve taken keen interest in maintaining miniature planted fish tanks. Currently I have a 1′ tank in my bedroom and a 1 gallon tank in my office cubicle.


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