Common Sense Trumps All

It just happened to me last week:

I was preparing payroll summary sheet which was linked to the detailed payroll calculations.  It was a spreadsheet that I had developed and used for quite some time and I had developed checks over time to ensure that I link to the correct cells and the total sums up correctly.

After clearing all the checks, I was about to send it out when I decide to look through one more time.  I noticed the following:

Department 1: $2,000 (It has a headcount of 5)

Department 2: $1,100 (It has a headcount of 70)

It just doesn’t make sense!

So, I retraced my links and found out that indeed, a column has changed resulting in the above.

Moral of the story, Nothing beats Common Sense.

Has it happened to you too?

Always do a “sense check” on your work.  The corporate jargonator has distorted it to “sensitivity check” and “Sanity check”, the latter always makes me rolls my eyes.


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